Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall, Fun, and Prescriptions

What a weekend of ups and downs. We started with a washing machine failure -- about which we were kind of excited, because of course that meant we had to either pony up $300 for a fix, or invest in a new washer (and possibly a new dryer, just to match). Since we're trying to sell our house and build a new one, we thought we'd buy our "investment" washer/dryer combo now and move it with us when we go. (Yay!) 

Here we are at Lowe's, where I gave the girls suckers to entertain them while we learned all about the washers and dryers that would change our lives. We were impressed and we believed they really, truly would. Trevor called one of the guys he gets appliances from for the houses he builds, and found a great deal on a set we loved. Perfect.

(Side note: I also took the girls to K-Mart and, since they both had runny noses and were fussy, I gave them suckers [this was a different day -- not two suckers in one day]. From the looks I got, you would have thought I had given them margaritas! I couldn't believe how rude people acted towards us just because my kids were happily licking pure sugar. I guess you can let your kids have a meltdown in the middle of the store, but you can't give them suckers for entertainment.)

So when the guys brought the gor-ge-ous washer and dryer to our house later that day for installation, they first had to take out our old ones. And as they did, one of them said, "Here's your problem. You've got a kink in the line." And moved it around a little, and poof, our washer is fixed and we save $1,600 and we have no new washer and dryer to show for all of our research, excitement and planning of the loads and loads of laundry that would get gloriously clean all weekend. Oh well. 

After biking with Ellen on Saturday morning, we took the kids to Boyne City's Fall Festival, for hayrides and all things fall-ish. Here're Berit and Liam in the double stroller, both hungry, cold and a little sleepy. But still really cute. 

Marta Bear, being agreeable and funny all day, even though something mean was brewing in her ears.

The jumpers. Of course, the jumpers. This picture actually represents a milestone for Berit, as it's the first time she's ever gone in a "jumper" with other kids. 

Berit l-o-v-e-d this bunny. I foresee a fuzzy Easter present a few years into the future...

After the festival, we had a relatively successful dinner at Red Mesa with the girls, I won a CD from the band playing in the street because I figured out their book question with the answer Brave New World (one of the best books ever), then we headed home, where the kids went to bed and all was well and crisp and fulfilling in a fall kind of way. 

Then Marta woke up at 8 p.m. with screams, which lasted all night. No nursing, burps made her scream more, she wouldn't lay in her bed, if she wasn't screaming she was listless, burning hot, etc. etc. I nearly hit the ER a couple times during the night. Of course, today was Sunday so her doctor's office wasn't open, but the local clinic diagnosed a double ear infection and now she seems to be doing better on meds and Motrin. 

And right now we're sitting down to watch Parenthood, that 1989 comedy with Steve Martin, which we rented because we think it might be really funny to watch now that we actually are parents. Berit is still up. 

Postscript: Parenthood was NOT funny to watch now that we are parents. It was scary and made us downright nervous.

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Liza said...

What adorable cuties you have! I just love seeing your pics. You write so well, it's as if I was there to experience your day with you. Unfortunately, by the time I get to the computer to compose something, my brain is fried and my thoughts are scrambled! I inspire to have one entry as well written as your daily blogs! Hope everyone is feeling a little better at your house. We have our first case of gunk here as well. Just stuffy noses and hopefully it ends with that. Have a great week.