Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween Costumes

We are planning a Halloween party for the kids in our "group" and our neighborhood, and we're getting pretty excited. Trevor and I both love Halloween, and putting together fun stuff for kiddos is going to be fun. We're even having a hayride! Yes, I think we're going to be the party house (in a good, safe, wholesome way, not in a "we're friends with our kids" kind of way). 

While we've got Berit covered as far as a costume goes (she's had the green dragon costume she's been wanting for about a month now, and regularly wears it to the grocery store), and Marta will wear whatever we dig up out of Berit's dress-up clothes or old costumes, we hadn't really thought about our own costumes. We're not so much into the idea of Halloween being an excuse for me to wear a sexy cat costume and Trevor to put on a mullet wig. No, that's not true: Trevor loves a mullet wig. We'd like to wear valid costumes that are fun and, most of all, inexpensive. (I would love, love, love you to know that my brother thinks I look like Angelina Jolie and my mom thinks we should go as Angelina and Brad Pitt, but I wouldn't dare try to achieve that level of lippage and cleavage at a kids' party, let alone allow people to think I also consider myself an Angie look-alike.)

If I were pregnant (and as far as I know I am not), I think it'd be funny to wear a bun-in-the-oven type costume and have Trevor dress as a baker. 

We've considered going as Henry the Eighth and Anne Boleyn, because I read a lot of books from that era and we just saw the movie The Other Boleyn Girl (read the book, it's much better) and Trevor, I secretly think, was kind of impressed with Henry's looks as portrayed by the hunky actor. But we're strongly opposed to those whole Renaissance festival bit, and we tend to make fun of those people (sorry to those of you who might be those people) when we see them with their capes and swords and tights, so I'm feeling like we might not do that.

Trevor wants to do a superhero duo, but I strongly believe that's because he wants to see me in a Wonder Woman outfit. Something to do with boyhood fantasies, I'll bet. 

So any thoughts from my friends/family on this one? What have you gone as, that worked and was kid-friendly?

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