Monday, October 13, 2008

Scratch the Last One Off

So we had this list in our heads of all the things we wanted to do with the girls this summer, but life just got too hectic and we never made it to Mackinac Island (actually, we should have gone to the island instead of to Vail. We should have done a lot instead of going to Vail). 

And even though Trevor had a really busy day today, he managed to sneak away early and we planned to take the 2:30 p.m. ferry to the island. The girls took mini naps on the short drive there and were a little cranky when we arrived. Marta missed her morning nap because today was gymnastics, and (bad mom alert) we ate McDonald's in the car so she only sucked on a few fries for lunch, so the entire day was thrown off. But anyway, it was worth it to see the girls' reaction to the ferry ride and the horses. In the ferry I asked Berit what we would do on the island, and she said, "See horses, eat green smudge, eat brown fudge and give the Little One ice cream." (Berit calls fudge smudge, so henceforth fudge shall be called smudge in our family. And she meant we would get Marta ice cream, because only Big Girls are allowed to have smudge, not babies.)

The horses! The horses made the trip. The girls spotted every horse in shouting distance and Marta yelled "MAA-MAA!" the entire day, because that's what she strongly believes horses say, with her pointer finger stuck out as far as she could possibly push it (it was nearly shaking she was so sincere about pointing), finding horses even we didn't notice. We ordered smudge (Berit green, Trevor chocolate peanut butter, and I wanted oreo but Trevor decided it just didn't look as good as turtle and forced me to order that instead), got Marta a chocolate pretzel (from which she was a big chocolate ball herself) and sat in the park to eat and watch the horses.

We took the 5 p.m. ferry home (that's right, we were there from 2:30-5, which was long enough for a horse-watching/smudge-eating visit) and had pizza before heading back to our house. The girls are a little hyper from the sugar, but we really had a pretty nice time and we're glad we went.

So now a little Jon & Kate + 8 and off to bed. Time to make a new list of things to do before the snow falls!

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Liza said...

Way to go on checking off your list of "places to go". We do that same thing and every year we get to the end of the summer and wonder where the time went. Time sure flies with kids around. In what lifetime did I ever say the phrase..."I'm bored!"???? The only gift I'd ask for now is another hour in the day to sit and relax. Guess I would find ways to squeeze in laundry folding or something else non-relaxing.

I love the 'smugde'. THings like that have to stick! Too adorable. Sounds like B is just a mini you. If you get down this way, let's try to connect. I would love to see your girls in action.

I am thinking of doing your craft that you blogged about. I am hoping Carter is through the stage of biting tips off markers. It has been a long 2 years and TONS of markers to help him come to terms with it. We are headed out to play in the leaves this afternoon.

By the way, I think I recall a sexy little Pebbles and Bam Bam outfit that someone???? wore to a Halloween party in college?? I love the idea of Bun in the oven & Baker. Too cute. Look forward to seeing those pics.