Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pics of Weekend At Grandma's

We sure did have fun at Grandma's house!

At Klackle's Orchard.

Playing piano with Grandma.

At Meijer Gardens.

The story behind this dress: My mom took Berit to The Disney Store, and as they were walking past this dress, a little girl was begging her mother for it. The mother said, "No, it's not your size," and the little girl was devastated. So Berit watched this and said, "Grandma, is this my size?" (It was a size 6.) And my mom said, "Yes it is." And bought it. It brought much, much, much-much-much joy. 

So big!


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Liza said...

Aren't Grandmas THE best?? I love all the pictures. It is nice to see you in a few pics for a change. I know, the moms never get any camera shots since we are always snapping away. Glad you girls had a fun weekend. Ella would have had fun with all your activities. I can't help but think that Ella and Berit would get along famously....together! I just love checking in with your blog. Thanks for keeping things so fun and up to date! I will post after the weekend. Scott's family is coming to town and we are having Christian's dedication so we should have a few photos to upload. Enjoy the weekend.