Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Photos

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Liza said...

what great pics! Your girls are adorable. That is quite the fall display of hay and pumpkins. Is that something you put together in your front yard??

I laughed hysterically during your post about Marta and the books. Isn't it funny how they get? I am so glad my kids love books so much. When we go to the library they are in heaven! Enjoy a great week. We borrowed your project idea. I showed Ella and it was right up her alley! All her babies are wearing leaf crowns with pumpkin seed jewels (her personal touch). We are huge project people. A few that we did this week: Ella made stationary of sponged fall trees. They turned out great. I cut out a bunch of shapes and then let the kids glue them onto orange circles for pumpkins, I drew shapes and let the kids glue pumpking seeds around the outlines (but then the cat for some odd reason picked them all off while we were on a walk). Lastly, after a nature walk, Ella glued many treasures onto construction paper for a fall collage. Keep passing on your craft ideas. We love them and do them too!