Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Waiting for the Garbage Man

Berit is wildly intrigued by our garbage man. It's not us -- we forget about her fascination completely until it happens. She'll be playing along on a Tuesday morning, and little do we know her ears are tuned to ultra-sensitive and her brain is thinking of more than one thing at a time. A crash outside -- "THE GARBAGE MAN!" And she runs to the window to watch the green truck stop at our house, the man get out and load up our mountains of poopy dipes, then drive away. She's in heaven. She loves it.

And do you know what my theory is? She likes to have the "help." As in servants. Because she says things like, "There he goes, taking away our garbage," in a very rich-girl voice (and just where did she learn that, by the way?). I expect her to wave her hand in dismissal once he's done. 

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Liza said...

Love it! My friend's son was obsessed with the garbage man....waited for him religiously, dressed up like him, prayed for him, and aspired to be him. It is hilarious what thrills these kids. Have a great week.