Sunday, October 26, 2008

Putting It Out There...

A little while ago I sent a forward -- something I rarely do -- to everyone on my email list. I definitely don't make a habit out of that. The forward was of a video from, about both presidential candidates' abortion views. 

A handful of people I sent it to aren't going to appreciate it, I think. And after I sent it, I got a little bit nervous, wondering what they'd think of me, hoping they wouldn't think I was too far right, too brainwashed by my church, too sappy, too... you get the idea. And they might think I'm ridiculous for sending out a mass email about my personal political views. 

And then I went downstairs to do the elliptical and read my magazine. But I was still nervous... what would so-and-so think? But then I was reading this article about what people said they'd do if they only had a few months to live. And really, I didn't care anymore. I mean, what if this video helped one person understand this one issue? I wasn't telling people to vote one way or the other. And I'm not advocating that a person vote for a candidate because of one specific issue, because that in itself bothers me about other people. But I listen to what other people have to say, because why the heck not listen to other opinions? 

And a few minutes after I sent my email, a friend emailed me back thanking me for what I'd written. An acquaintance emailed me, saying how she didn't like what I'd written. I guess I opened myself up for criticism. But when I look back on my life in however many years, I'd like to think I did something about an issue that was important to me. And so maybe it started here. Not that one little email was the start of a revolution... But still, it was a step in a particular direction. We'll see...

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Liza said...

You did the right thing. If we don't stand for something, we'll fall for everything...right! This election is hugely scarey on so many fronts. So many people don't know what they will REALLY be voting for. There are a lot of scary connections that Obama has and his quote from that video clip saying he didn't want his girls "punished with a baby" was SCARY!

I appreciate your email and I always am open to others thoughts. We need friends like you. Don't be nervous.... parenting is nerve racking enough on a daily basis..speaking of that I have screaming kids. Must go