Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Because having my little opinion on this may save you money and bring you joy:

Thumbs way down to Old Navy's toddler jeans with stretch (and all the girls' jeans seem to have stretch this season). Even with the adjustable waist as tight as it goes, they constantly fall down.

Thumbs way up to DKNY's Easy Street Bootcut jeans (for ladies, not toddlers -- I hope you know I wouldn't buy my kids DKNY jeans). In the past I've noted my approval of high-waist jeans now that I'm a mom and have an itchy C-section scar. (Not to mention I don't appreciate flashing my rear every time I bend down to help my kids. Which is a lot.) These jeans sit just right -- above the scar yet no where near the belly button, which would launch me into full-on 90s mom mode. I need to preserve a little allure, and jeans that don't quite hit my belly button do it for me. 

Anyway, they're stretchy but they don't get all stretched out by the end of the day. And they're comfy without looking like pajama pants, which is what Trevor said my yoga pants looked like yesterday when I left for an orthodontist appointment. Um, they're called YOGA pants. No, I don't technically do yoga, but I specifically paid for yoga pants so that I don't have to wear pajama pants all day. 

So there you have it.

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