Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sleep, and the Lack Thereof

Once again I face the morning with precious little sleep behind me. It's the same story: Marta wakes up for a feeding, then just as she's going to sleep, Berit starts screaming. I watch her for a few minutes on the monitor, then wake Trevor to go to her (just in case Marta wakes up again and I'm needed there), then wait for him to come back so I can turn the monitor on again, since he always forgets. Oftentimes, Berit's screaming wakes Marta, and the whole cycle is never-ending. Berit has really started to dream, and it seems as though so many of them are unpleasant. She's constantly crying out in her sleep. Last night it was, "No Annie, stop pulling it!" (Her cousins were here yesterday for a playdate.) And she had a few issues with her diaper, which requires taking off her pjs and dipe, having some sort of light on, and putting her back to sleep. 

Marta's yelling now; have to run. Yawn.

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