Thursday, July 3, 2008

Marta Marta Marta

If I had known Marta before I delivered her, I would have named her Joy. She is happy so much of her day -- in fact, the only time she's not happy is when she's furious. Which is when she's not being held or entertained. (Marta doesn't subscribe to the theory that second babies are content.) She's all of 6 months old, is sitting, rolling and generally being cute and wiggly. She is a BIG baby, and is already wearing Berit's 18-months clothes. She loves Berit like crazy and wants nothing more than to play with her, laugh with her and watch her do funny things. She also loves finding Mosey and going for walks. She tires of being inside easily and screeches loudly in both happiness and frustration. She's desperate to be a big kid and crawl, run and play. Also, eat.

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