Monday, July 7, 2008


This weekend we're headed down to my parents' house for a visit, which means this week I'll be writing little reminders on various pieces of mail, receipts and other scraps of paper about what to pack to be sure: a) my children don't miss a single comfort item, which would send them into the kind of hysterics my parents don't believe actually happen with my perfect angels, or b) we forget something that will make my own life easier, like a monitor or both warm and cold weather pjs, or food that my kids might eat if all that is made for them is rejected, etc. I will also need to pack everything that my kids are using and wearing in an adorable way, in case Trevor and I reference it and my parents need to see it in action. 

Lucky me, everyone is leaving early Saturday morning to travel to Detroit, where they'll attend a Tigers game, leaving me in Grand Rapids with my kids. Alone. Which is a lot like being at my house alone with my kids, except without all of their creature comforts (save those that I'll be packing, of course), friends and schedule. It will, however, give me the chance to visit friends in the GR area who we always miss seeing, because our trips there are so busy with my family. 

I'm attaching a video of Berit singing You Are My Sunshine, which we just taped and uploaded, to distract her from her tough job of pooping. We are also currently watching an Elmo video for the same reason, and it seems to be working, as she is stinky but happy and a little hungry. She's decided we should call Mosey Chuckie Sue, after Telly's hamster. Ah, if only he really were a hamster.

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