Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Recent Pics

Notice how in these photos Berit is always by the front door. Her new trick is opening it and leaving the house (with Mosey in tow). So I'm obsessively checking the door all day to make sure it's locked, so we don't lose a child and/or dog.

Is Marta holding the hairbrush ironic, or just silly? I like the one of her and Trevor on our front porch. She looks a little shocked and confused, and he's hoping the picture is proof that she looks just like him. :)

Berit holding the lunchbox is a pretty good representation of her lately -- my mom bought her a Disney princesses lunchbox (she doesn't even watch the movies, but she's drawn to the princesses like they were made of chocolate) and she takes it everywhere.

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Liza said...

I am laughing hysterically about the princess lunchbox. I think it is this "grandma conspiracy". At our house, I swore we would NOT do characters (Dora, Princesses, etc..) Ella has only ever watched Cinderella when she turned 3 but she loves ALL things princess. She has a princess shirt that Scott's mom bought her and hasn't taken it off since the weekend. Grandma knows me well enough that the princess on it is subtle. However, my mom bought her a princess swimsuit to have at the lake. I find it gaudy---Ella adores it and had to wear it to swimming lessons last night! Oh, well. If these are the worst battles I am fighting right now, I guess we are in a good spot. Marta is precious. I love the pic of she and Trevor....not sure if I see a huge resemblence??? How is the sleep going? We have stages of crazy nights as well. Carter came crying up the stairs with a book at midnight, he was crying, "Need you to read this right now Mommy"---totally in his sleep! We are headed off to Christian's 4 month appt today. How did we get here already? Time is flying. Are you guys coming to town next week? Maybe we could do the zoo or Meijer Children's Garden some morning. Let me know.