Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nice Big Weekend

We came back to Petoskey today after a long weekend spent at my parents' new house in Greenville. It was wonderful driving home first thing in the morning -- there was no rushing to be sure we didn't disrupt nighttime sleep schedules, no worrying that we'd still be driving (and stopping and driving and stopping) at 2 a.m. We just took our time, stopped at various parks and fast food restaurants, and chatted while the kids napped. 

It was a nice weekend back in Greenville. The house is fantastic and Berit (and technically Marta, but she's still too little to know) has her own room, which is painted yellow with lots of butterflies, flowers, dragonflies and ladybugs adorably flying around on the walls. The attached bathroom (talk about fancy) is green, which could not be better for our Green Machine. When I first saw the room, decorated of course to the hilt by my mother, I truly wanted to cry because it would make Berit so happy. Nothing like teaching my 2-year-old nice and early to be materialistic. :)  (Kidding, kidding, kidding. I wanted to cry because of all the thought, love and care that had been put into the room for my girls. They certainly don't get anything like that at home.) (Kidding.)

Poor Marta has officially grown out of the mini crib my mom bought when Berit was born. Berit never did use it, because of her hatred of all things sleep-related, but Marta did when she was smaller. This weekend, however, I found her with her arms stuck in the slats above her head, and her feet stuck in the opposing slats, face blotchy and eyes confused. It was so funny and sad, and she spent naptimes and nighttimes genuinely trying to sleep on a mattress with blankets rolled up under the sheet in a make-shift nest. Hopefully she'll feel grateful to be in her crib tonight and sleep all night long.

So now I'm sitting on the couch eating dried fruit, because I've sworn off sweets after all of the mini cupcakes eaten while there. Dried fruit, while sugared, is still fruit and therefore not a sweet.

Trevor joined, well, everybody in my family but me in Detroit for a Tigers game, which he loved. The girls and I spent the morning with cousins and afternoon at the park and eating ice cream for dinner. (And mini cupcakes.)

We have a busy week ahead, but it's good to be home in our beds and back to our schedule. Neither girl put up a big fuss going to sleep tonight, which I think means they're happy too. Or maybe I slipped a little cough syrup into their cups at dinner.... either way, we're all off to a good week. 

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