Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who's Crying It Out Now?

I'm looking at the screen on Marta's monitor, and with her in the crib are: 

  • Two blankies
  • One sippy cup of water 
  • Two books
  • One Glowworm

The books have come in handy lately, as I can leave her sooner in our nighttime/naptime ritual and not feel badly about rushing out to be with Berit (or, as is the case tonight, to watch Twilight with Trevor, who is currently bathing B and may just miss the movie altogether if he doesn't step his pace up a bit). The cup is there in the very, very slim chance she realizes she's simply thirsty when she wakes up and doesn't actually need holding, rocking, singing, nursing, etc. to get back to sleep. Because most babies (toddlers, whatever) wean themselves when they realize they're just not being practical. 

The blankies are both there because she must at all times have one nearby, and if she spots another one in a five-yard radius she must also have it, and there was a dirty one in her room so it was necessary for her to also sleep with the boogers, drool and dust that's surely settled on it in the past week of being in her bed.

And now I'm realizing that so many things in her bed, meant to pacify her to peaceful dreamland, are keeping her from sleep. Mostly because she's having a hard time fitting in her crib, and somewhat because she's distracted. 

My point is: Duh. 

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