Friday, March 13, 2009

Peas and Quiet

The house has been halfway quiet for two-plus days now. Berit's been downstate with my parents whooping it up at the Disney Store, and I'm remembering how slowly time ticks by when it's just you and a baby in the house. Marta misses her big sister, though I can't be sure the same could be said for the other way around. Berit needed some one-on-one time -- but I miss my big girl! We'll be meeting up with her tomorrow. We'll see what sort of Black Monday (Saturday) ensues when she has her parents on her well-padded turf in GrandparentLand. To top it off, my sister "Aunt Andrea" (a.k.a. The Best Person In The Whole Wide World) will be arriving to spend the weekend with Berit tonight -- right at bedtime, so I'm sure that will go over smoothly. 

Marta and I painted the town red today for two full hours. We ran errands and she did really great hanging in the car with me, considering she's in the middle of a yucky cold and can't feel well. She's so happy even when she's sick! What a joy she is. Today she emptied a bag full of Puffs and dried peas onto the carpet, stomped on them while wearing her boots, then ran them over with her stroller. I watched, marveling at how different she is from her orderly big sister. Then, I vacuumed. 

I'm sitting in the chair curled up under a blanket, ready to do... nothing. However, bags must be packed, bathrooms must be cleaned, floors must be washed. I know this could all take 45 minutes if I hurry, yet I procrastinate. Oh, the dog threw up on his bed today, holding up the mounting laundry from the last few days of washer drama while his royal howler's bedding was cleaned. Looks like there's a little laundry to do, too. 

What's that you asked? Trevor? Oh, he's bowling. No no no, it's fine, I love to do it all myself.

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Liza said...

Tell me about the Eat-Clean Diet book...