Friday, March 27, 2009

Preschool Ready (Or Not?)

Last week Trevor and I chose a preschool for Berit to attend this fall. While we were there observing the class, we more than once said something like, "Berit is ready for this now. We wish we didn't have to wait until the fall to start."

And last night at book club, a couple of our friends whose children attend the preschool mentioned that they thought we could start in the middle of the year. Like, Tuesday. 

So last night after everyone in the house was asleep, I laid awake in bed weighing the pros and cons of Berit starting preschool next week, if allowed. 

She loves activities, and has lately started really engaging in projects and programs with other kids.
I don't think she'd even notice if I weren't at dance class watching her, so I feel like she might be just fine with us leaving her at preschool.
Two. Hours. Twice. A. Week. With. No. Toddler. At. Home.

There are only eight weeks of school left. Is it worth the expense?
What if she isn't OK with us leaving her? Would it be easier when she's six months older in the fall?
This morning she woke up at 8:30 a.m. How will I feel about waking her up to make it to class on time? (She isn't so much a morning kid.)
What if a crazy maniac tries to blow up the preschool with my child (any child) in it and I'm not by her side like I am at home all day???? (OK, this seemed more relevant at 1 a.m. than it does in the daylight.)

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