Wednesday, March 25, 2009

But When Marta Figured Out She Could Rip The Paper By Tucking Her Feet Under The Overlap, It Ended In A Jiffy

I borrowed this idea from this clever mom I know, and it went over beautifully. I rolled out two long strips from our craft paper, taped them to the floor, dumped crayons out and walked away. Berit pounced, and when Marta woke from her nap she surprised me by loving it, too. (I really thought our wild child would go to town on the walls and floor, but she did great.) The best part was when Berit, with a little guidance from me for just her first one, drew a whole village of people with heads, bodies, arms, legs, eyes, mouths and hair. She even made them bigger and smaller depending on if they were parents, kids or babies. I was so impressed! More coloring from now on.

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