Friday, March 6, 2009

Rock On

Last night Trevor and two of his friends -- let's call them Chad and George -- drove to the Soo to see Firehouse and Skid Row in concert. Now, those of you who know Trevor are probably not at all surprised that he would book a hotel room in the SOO to see these two bands of our youth. He does this quite often, as 80s hairbands now on casino tours tend to come our way a few times a year. But things are changing. The audience is changing. My husband and his friends, as they sit in their fold-out chairs lined up in a large conference room in front of a pull-out stage watching a rock band that starts its concert at 7 p.m., are changing. Here are a few highlights of their trip:

1. They used to roll up to the Soo in one of their tricked-out trucks or Chad's corvette. Now they either drive work trucks or family cars. They rode in Chad's "new" granny mobile, which was great because it got good gas mileage and it was comfortable.

2. In the video George made of the concert on his phone, you can hear Firehouse "wailing" (rocking? slaying?) and the fans screaming in appreciation. You can also pick out the three friends, woo-hooing it, and George plainly saying, "Yeahhhhh! I'm f***ing hungry!"

3. After Firehouse, George had to go take -- a -- nap.

4. When George woke up he texted the guys, telling them he was going to get something to eat. In-between head-banging, Chad texted George, "Dude, order me a cheeseburger."

5. When Skid Row was done playing, Trevor and Chad left the auditorium and found George in the hotel restaurant, eating a huge dinner, by himself.

6. Chad ate, then went to their room to go to bed. For the night. 

7. Trevor and George stayed up to gamble a little. Someone (I won't say who, but his name starts with a T), who apparently is not used to holding the amount of alcohol one consumes when one is at an 80s hairband concert in the Soo and then eating the type of dinner one consumes in a casino in the Soo, (dare I write it? I'm so very sorry to have to write it) sharted.

8. George woke up at 7 a.m., followed by Trevor. When they tried to wake Chad he swatted at them, saying "Let me sleep! I'm so tired!"

Ah, the rock warriors came home this afternoon, walked in the front door and instantly started playing with the dog and the baby. They're tired. They're dirty. They are spent. Yet they remain hard core.

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Lori said...

Oh my goodness, I can't stop laughing! I totally understand, we're all getting older and priorities have changed. And the sharting.....clearly.