Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Use What Your Mama Gave Ya

The dance pictures are in! So sorry about the quality of the images; I blame my old camera. Do note: 1) Berit has officially found The Best Place In The World, and it's dance class; and 2) Eventually, Marta was barred from class because she so badly wanted to dance as well. Also be assured that I have now purchased appropriate dance leotards and floaty dance skirts for Berit (I have no idea why my mind skipped remembering to do that before her first class; I'd like to say it's because I'm frugal and I wanted to be sure she liked it first but that's just not true on either count). She is now wearing a full ballerina outfit every day of the week, just for fun. (Which I have to admit is much better than the cheap Cinderella character clothes she has been favoring.)

The teacher told me today that Berit is doing really well and that she's a great dancer, and I know she was just being nice because BERIT IS THREE but I couldn't help but think, "Well of course she's a great dancer," then ask the head of the school if he'd meet with us once a month to offer a little direction in the way of violin lessons for the VERY young because she's my firstborn and I shall put her in every class available to 3-year-olds to give her a head start in life, right? (Or just make her hate the arts in general when she realizes that "practice" is not a "game.")

(Yes, that's a big bruise on Marta's head.)

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