Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day 2009

(My checks won't reflect this change for at least a month.)

Five years ago was my best New Year's Day. It was our first as a married couple, and we woke up neither late nor early -- probably around 8 a.m. or so. We went to a coffee shop for breakfast, then to my favorite bookstore, McLean & Eakin, and wandered around for -- who was watching the clock then? -- a little while. We went back to the coffee shop next door, nabbed a window seat, ordered coffees (probably a fancy one for Trevor, probably a Breve for me) and read our books. Then, when we were hungry again and saw that it was lunchtime, we ordered lunch. And read some more. We people-watched out the window, then went out for dinner. 

It sounds so boring, doesn't it? It probably was to Trevor, who likes much, much, much more action. But I loved it; it couldn't have been better. 

Since then things have been different. We have two kids now, and our New Year's Days (not to mention our New Year's Eves) have changed significantly. Trevor's not very OK with this; for me it's just par for the course. I'm not the kind of mom who can leave her kids easily, so if I know it'll be difficult for them when I'm gone, I won't enjoy myself. And since I've been nursing a baby for the past three New Year's Eves, I haven't done much, but it doesn't bother me. 

Last night was funny. Even though we didn't have much planned besides a good dinner for Trevor and me, I was really excited. Maybe it was just the idea that it was a holiday, or that I'd be challenged to stay awake until midnight, or that my family would probably be calling at a ridiculous hour to welcome 2009 with well wishes. Whatever it was, I was a little giddy about being home. Our kids go to bed nice and early, so by 7 p.m Trevor was cleaning the house and I was cooking. The menu: Colossal King Crab Legs; shrimp with parsley, sesame seeds and chili powder; crab cakes; risotto and spinach. So very, very delicious. 

We bunkered down in our pajamas to watch Casino Royale and Trevor promptly fell asleep. After trying to wake him and failing, I went to bed. My family left messages on the machine and Trevor said he came in at midnight and kissed me on the head. We're a wild and crazy bunch. :)

This morning I made blueberry pancakes and Swiss cheese eggs and napped when Marta did. Then we took the girls to lunch at The City Park Grill, where they both ate like champions and we let them have ice cream. Then we went to McLean & Eakin, where we read books to the girls and let Berit pick two (both Dora books about dancing). We came home, and Trevor's now napping while Marta does and later we'll take them to the waterpark. 

I have to say, even though life is more slow-paced and we're not out partying the night away, I think it's going pretty nicely. Today reminded me of a new version of my favorite New Year's Day, and I love that we've adapted it to work with our kids, instead of pining away for a day all to ourselves (something that would be very easy to do). 

I don't mean to sound like we've got it all figured out. It's just one of those days when things work out, and it makes me feel like a good parent. Maybe it's a sign of things to come in the New Year.

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Kallie said...

I did call to laugh about your crab legs post on Facebook. We were doing the same thing at home for New Years, but are even more pathetic. I made a huge dinner for us and Mike's sister Holly, whom was visiting and wanting to babysit that night. While ready to go out after dinner and rocking Haidyn asleep, I found myself too tired to leave the house and we went to bed before 11pm. We ARE good parents, darn it!