Wednesday, December 31, 2008

From The Mouth of B

General play is interrupted by a loud, ripping, toot from Berit.

Lisa: "What was that?"
Berit, breathlessly and awestruck: "It was an ANGEL."


A few nights ago Berit came into our bed, afraid of "That Bad, Scary Man," who was unexplainable at the time and unknown to Trevor and me. However, today, as we were heading downstairs into the basement, while passing a few of Trevor's records that are face-out, Berit nonchalantly said, "There's that Bad, Scary Man." 

It seems that Willie Nelson is haunting the dreams of our oldest.

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Liza said...

perfect, I love it and am glad that you were able to record it. Will these blogs be around when we are 50 and want to tell our grandchildren all the crazy things their parents said and did?? Oh...remember New YEars in Cancun? I barely do!