Saturday, December 13, 2008

As Of Late

We've been living a pretty normal life these past couple of days, save for Marta's all-nighter last night, getting her and me to bed at exactly 5:09 a.m. and waking us up at exactly 7:44 a.m. She's stuffy and has a little cold, so I thought that was it, but as I discovered in the morning, she was hiding a bit of a surprise in her dipe. Whoops. I would've been upset all night, too, if my parents tried to shush me when I was trying to tell them something. 

Anyway, today Berit and I left Trev and Marta to sniffle at home and went on a "date." I took her to American Spoon Foods cafe where she ordered juice to drink with a questioning look, and I allowed it since she did it so politely and because we were on a special outing together. She also ordered macaroni and cheese, tomato bisque soup and chose chocolate and candy cane gelato. Such a little lady! We then walked over to The Rocking Horse Toy Co. to pick out Christmas gifts for Trevor and Marta from her. Marta's getting a little doggy and Trevor's gift is so funny, but I can't divulge it here because sometimes, when the moon is just right and he has absolutely nothing else on earth to do, Trevor reads this blog and I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. He loves surprises way more than anyone I know. But it's good, because before we got married I never wanted surprises, and now I'm learning to like them. Although I always know what I'm getting from him, because guys are so obvious. Anyway.

Miss Important with her violin case that is in backpack form; genius. She loves her violin and carries it around very patiently and lovingly. It's adorable. I'm not pushing it and it's working, because she asks me questions about it and is learning all about its parts.

Doesn't Trevor look cute and official? (I mean, handsome and smart.:) I love watching him work. He's so casual about it and I'm always astounded by what he knows. He builds houses that people live in. Big ones. If I did that they'd come crashing down.

No, this isn't a picture of a light dusting on our deck after we cut the legs off our furniture. This is the snow before Trevor plowed it the other night. It's not even Christmas!

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