Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Organic Is Code For "Freak Out About Everything Your Child Touches"

When Berit was born, we decided to go organic. Actually, I decided to go organic for everyone, since I get the groceries, clothes, bedding and all other Things We Need. Trevor is more of the "My parents gave it to me, and I'm just fine" mindset. Ahem.

I, however, read every drop of material regarding children that crosses my path, and in every article that covered organic food, I learned about how eating organic could reduce serious illness and disease in children even when Mom is pregnant for them. I feel my soapbox creeping underfoot right now, so I'll just cut to the chase and say that organics, for me, were safer, healthier and the right choice for my kids. I know lots of people say organic is marketing, marketing, marketing and that it really doesn't make a difference as long as you eat healthy, but I just believe otherwise. And I'm not just hopping onto the organic lifestyle bandwagon because trendy people are on it -- it's darn expensive, and here in Northern Michigan, hard to come by. It's not the simpler choice (though technically it is, but I digress). 

So now we've got organic food, bedding, soaps, etc. etc. But what I haven't done is upgrade my kids' clothing. I hadn't really thought about it. Last night, however, has got me surfing the web during babysitter time hoping to find cost effective organic sleepwear. Marta would not go to sleep. She started out OK, and slept like a dream from 6-10 p.m. But just after 10, she started yelping and hollaring -- not in an "I'm sick" or "I'm scared" way, but persistent nonetheless. I let it go but soon enough I was rocking her back to sleep. I started to lay her in her bed and she woke up and freaked out. And that was how it was all night, until the very early hours of this morning, when I just made her scream herself to sleep (after checking her pjs, mattress, sheets, dipe, etc.). And then, when she woke up this morning and I sat down to nurse her (still in the dark), I noticed that HER PAJAMAS WERE SPARKING. They're those synthetic fabric Carter's footies blanket sleepers, and when she moved around they created such static that they were sparking.

Now, I know that it's winter and dry and we're pulling out our humidifier, but come on. No wonder she was freaking out! The poor baby was sparking all night in her bed. Today after I dressed her in clothes she napped wonderfully, albeit a but apprehensively about her bed itself. 

So now I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can buy warm footed organic cotton sleepers. I'm so far going with Hanna Andersson because I trust them, but they're not footed and Marta takes her socks off. Thanks for any tips!


Candace said...

I haven't found many, but just came across this one that was semi-cute

Sierra said...

Check Hopscotch in Grand Rapids. They have lots of organic clothing and toys.