Saturday, December 6, 2008

Captured: The Holly Jolly Merry Berry Joyful Song Unto The Christmas Season That Is Our Family

Marta: "I have released myself from the bonds of shoes yet again! Victory!"

Berit: "I'll only pose angelically when I know the photo won't be used to represent our family on a Christmas card -- like, say, when Marta looks like sumo-baby. Go ahead and try to cut me out and use this picture as if the photographer just took it of me. I know you're not that crafty or steady-handed."

A photo of our girls performing one of our favorite Christmas rituals: Baptizing Santa into the season of Crazy.

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Liza said...

Perfect pictures. I absolutely LOVE them! Please tell me that you are using them for your Christmas cards! Hope things are well in the deep deep snow!