Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tech Tease

First off, let me just own up to the fact that I'm on Facebook and I love it and I'm 30. Fine.

And Trevor always makes fun of me for checking my Facebook account every night and replying to all the friends I've caught up with and those who I'll see the next day but can't bear to go one night without talking to. Writing to. Anyway.

On Monday morning I tried to log into Facebook and it wouldn't work. I can access my profile home page, where it shows my friends' updates and that I have messages and friend requests and all sorts of fun things to look at, but when I click on the links I get... nothing. And, friends, I'm going a little bonkers over it. I've tried (wasted time at) a zillion tricks to get it to work, and still nothing. 

And I don't need Facebook to survive, but it's maddening. Mostly because I can see that I have messages and other fun things to explore, including a new Scrabble game with my friend Candace, but I can't get into any of it -- though every other Website I go to works just fine. It's kind of like the carton of chocolate-peanut butter ice cream in the freezer right now that I can't eat because of the salmonella outbreak. Suddenly all I need to get through the day is a big scoop of chocolate-peanut butter ice cream (though before the salmonella it was just hanging out in the freezer, not calling my name). 

Hm. Maybe someone should tell me I have to stop saving money or stop eating lots of vegetables.

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