Thursday, January 22, 2009

As If Vegas Is Such A Fun Place To Celebrate A Birthday....

Coincidentally, Trevor's International Builder's Show trip fell smack dab on his 31st birthday, which is today. So he's been in Vegas all week, and, poor thing, has to celebrate his birthday there. 

Also coincidentally, I HAVE BEEN TOLD, some of his buddies are in Vegas this week. It looks much more deceptive than I think it really is as I type this. Whatever the situation, they're there together. 

Geesh, wonder if he'll find anything to do.

But just in case he happens to read the family blog, because it's his birthday and he's feeling homesick (go with me on this), he should know that we miss him and are celebrating this day of his birth all the way back home. His girls are a little lost without him; any time Marta wakes she calls for him, whenever they see his picture or hear his voice on one of the home videos we've been playing they both get wistful. Berit is planning all the fun they'll have once he's home. I, by the way, miss my buddy. 

So, in short, we can't wait to see him in-the-flesh and hear about his tame, mild, ever-so-boring business trip, and shower him with happy birthday kisses.

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