Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Lazy Mom's Admission Re: Potty-Training

It was so cold today that Trevor called me from the road to report that his temperature gauge had not stopped dropping since he left home. At the time of his call it was -12, -13, -15. Yet I couldn't stomach the thought of being cooped up again, so we braved the weather and went to the college to run off some energy. We met our good friends the Darts there, and Berit and Liam, who are like sister and brother with less fighting, had a blast. 

However, at one point I turned around from my chit-chatting with Ellen to notice Berit hanging onto the side of the toy bin, engaged in a very serious poop. I took her into the bathroom to change her Pull-Up, and found no diaper changing station. So I put my mat on the floor of the dirty bathroom, fed up with the potty-training refusal, and told her, "You know, if you would just go on the potty we wouldn't have to change you this way." (She is disgusted by germs and anything that might get her dirty.) "Oh," she said, unaffected.

This is the kid I thought would breeze through potty-training. She tries to be like a grown-up in every way, yet apparently loves the feel of a big gloppy poo on her derriere. I'm trying to stick with a program recommended by my sister-in-law, who also has a daughter like our Royal Sensitivella, which is basically ignoring it altogether. We told Berit that the potty was around, and if she wanted it she could have it. And though she loves wearing Big Girl Panties all day long, still no potty on the... potty. 

I will admit this, though: I love, love, love not having to sit with her in a bathroom while she poops. Pull-Ups make shopping, playtime, driving, everything easier. I see how long it takes her to complete a Number Two and I thank my lucky stars that I wasn't on the hook to watch her while she did it in the bathroom. 

So maybe I should give up the worry. I mean, I guess it works for me. The garbage is awful and the Pull-Ups peeking out of her size 3T pants everywhere we go scream "Bad Parent," but really, REALLY, if I'm completely honest, it's a whole lot easier this way.

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Kimberly Reed said...

first of all you are not a bad parent for using pull-ups at age 2! I think we are all anxious for our first to complete the process but, why stress over it...... in reality when they are ready they will let you know and then there is no bribing with treats, yelling, frustration, disappointment on either side and especially no stress on your part! Right now easy in your life makes sense!!!!!
Katie was the easy one...... Karissa and Kara had minds of their own..... but, when they made them up to be in big girl pants it happened in just one day!
Be patient and it will all be good :)