Monday, January 26, 2009

Odds and Ends

Well, our house did not pass muster. Apparently it was the couple's second choice; the first being right next to the school that their child will attend. Oh well; nice to have some interest again.

Our current drama of the moment is babysitters, and the seeking of. We had one girl who didn't work out for the kids, and another promising possibility got a better offer in her own city, and driving for a half-hour to come watch my kids for three hours wasn't very enticing. So we're looking and hoping and then when one surfaces, we get nervous, because we don't want to act like they're not trustworthy but still, it's our KIDS. And it's only for three or four hours a week, so it's not as if we're offering them the world. Yet, I can't help but want Mary Poppins. What mother doesn't?

In Sleep News, last night we went back to trying to get Marta to sleep through the night. She gets so worked up when Trevor goes to her that she becomes overstimulated and screams until she shakes. Sigh, we just don't know how to crack this code. 

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Kallie said...

babysitters, huh! Now you see why we don't get out much anymore. They are so hard to come by, at least you a family once in a while! Think of it as God's humorous way of birth control! No babysitter + kids driving you a little crazy = much more caution in the baby making department...