Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thanks Friends, and My WOW Friend

Thanks girls for your comments about messiness and happiness. Everything worked out great, my house is spotless, and I just spent the evening alone save VH1 and a bit o' cookie dough. :) Trevor decided to stay one more night -- yay! I am foregoing another morning of sleeping in tomorrow, though, but I'm happy to since it's for my amazing pal Ellen, who's doing two legs of a triathlon tomorrow. We originally decided to do it together, with our friend Sarah, but I cancelled and so did Sarah, and Ellen surged ahead to do both the swim and bike -- toughest parts, if you ask me -- all on her own. So Marta and I are going out first thing in the morning with big signs to wait for her at the finish line. 

Marta is sick, just a few days before our big vacay. Seems to just be a runny nose and sneezes, but possibly an ear infection because she's tugging, tugging, tugging. Of course this happens on the same day that she is denied health insurance. Yup! We tried to switch health insurance, because ours was pretty feeble and we're hoping for more children. Turns out her bicuspid aortic valve is a big red flag for insurance companies. Oh, Marta. 

Anyway, other than that we're having a lovely time together just doing baby stuff. But man, did I ever forget how b-o-r-i-n-g baby stuff is! It's waaay slower than toddler stuff. We miss our spunky 2-year-old, who's having the time of her life with Grandma, Pop, Uncle David and Aunt Andrea. Yes! Aunt Andrea! The Best, Greatest Person In The World!

So they return tomorrow, Ellen's race is tomorrow, and tomorrow I pack our bags for Vail! Looking forward to having Trevor all day, every day and family time all the time. And a great week spent with friends!

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