Saturday, August 9, 2008

Girls Being Goofy

Here are a couple gems from yesterday. Berit, as usual, was sporting some sort of "look," and she informed me that she was done smiling for pictures. So I tested her, and here's what I got. (Notice the lips tucked in.) After I took the pic, she said, "See Mommy? I didn't smile." Miss Thang indeed.

A few more funny things:

After finding both sets of our car keys she said, "Oh, I can't wait until I can drive."

After driving by a statue of Mary, she said: "Hey Mary. You're such a sweetie pie."

At church, when all was quiet and worshipful, in front of the large Mary statue with her arms outstretched: "Look, Mary's playing air guitar."

Marta has been doing peekaboo with her blankie, something she discovered by herself and revels in. When she pulls the blankie down her smile is gigantic. She has also started saying her version of "Hiiiiiiiiii!!!" when we get her up from her nap, and has recently been saying "Hi-Da-Da, Hi-Da-Da." Who knows if it means anything, but when she eats she definitely says "Num-num." Does that count as a first word?

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