Thursday, August 28, 2008

Marta Speaks

Marta's first word came a few weeks ago, when she started saying "HI!" every time she sees one of us, and especially when I get her up from sleeping. She has recently started saying Mama and Dada (discriminately, of course), and one morning after a particularly restful night of sleep said, "Hi Dada," when she saw Trevor. (OK, OK, this probably wasn't a real sentence, but was impressive nonetheless.) 

She has also said Num-Num when she eats for a few weeks now. But today she said her first non-typical, non-family word: Ga-gee. Of course, this means doggie, and she said it a hundred times when we were playing with our adopted dog, Suede. Then, when we went inside, I put her in her exersaucer, and she flipped the plastic frames past the baby pictures to the picture of Mosey, and hit it over and over saying, "Ga-gee! Ga-gee!" 

It was one of those movie moments that don't usually happen in real life, so I called everyone I know and no one answered. But Marta talks, and it's such a funny thing now to hear her calling me from her crib, as if she's this little cave-baby who has finally evolved into a person.

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