Monday, August 11, 2008

Eating, With the Possibility of Running

So I ran three miles today, but I ate three candy bars, too. I'm going to say I broke even. :) 

I took the girls to Gaylord to check out a teacher supply store. I'm not a teacher, but I wanted to find a pocket chart for Berit to encourage her to want to eat more fruits and vegetables. It was my first time in a teacher supply store, and I could have bought everything in the place. Holy moly -- fun learning games, stickers, charts, organization -- I wanted to just live there. And to boot, it was on the second floor of a book store. Hello, heaven. Both stores even had kid areas, so I was free to browse while Berit played. Except for the time when I checked on her and she was laying on the ground, watching a mom actually interact with her child, she did perfectly. On the way home, however, both she and Marta were overtired, a little hungry and fed up with being in the car. They screamed the entire way home, and I ate three entire candy bars (gifts for others from the book store). It was a scene straight from a Weight Watchers ad. Emotional eating? Sign me up.

I have the option to run a 5K this weekend, and I'm really unsure about it. I know 3.1 miles isn't much, but I am such a lame (though well-intentioned) runner right now. My friend Jane suggested I walk a mile, run a mile to get my time up, and it seems to be helping. Since I don't have much time to be away (this could be a whole other post in itself), I'm only doing 3 miles total, so I'm pretty much running 1 1/2 miles and walking 1 1/2 miles. Still, progress. 

I'm considering writing and trying to submit to magazines a piece about having more children... or not. We love having two and are open to more, but we find ourselves in this awkward spot where we really, really want to have experiences with our kids and not be in constant baby mode. There are so many things to consider when you're open to new life in your family but not quite sure if you want to shoot for it, so to speak. So anyway, maybe I'll blog the article and see if it's catchy enough for my friends before trying to get someone to buy and print it. I'd love to know if anyone else is in this position, or if it's just me, overthinking something that's relatively out of my control. Ah, another reason to strive for the emotional eating sugar buzz.

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