Saturday, August 2, 2008

From the Mouth of B

Last night when I was leaving Berit's room, she said to me, "Love ya, Babe."

(This is a pic of her wearing Marta's bathing suit as a front pack, a trick her cousin Annie taught her.)

Speaking of tricks, Marta has started patting my back when I pick her up to burp her -- adorable to the max -- and cracking up when I get her out of her crib after bed/naps. She has also started wrinkling her nose and snorting really fast, over and over, until I do it back and then she laughs and laughs.

Berit has decided that a boo-boo she acquired last weekend (WHICH HAS SINCE HEALED COMPLETELY) is still in need of special treatment in the bathtub. While it is forgotten for the entire day, once we hit the tub she must stand during her bath with her foot on the edge of the tub, keeping her toe (the location of the injury) out of the line of any splashes, soap or cleanliness. Oh, she also screams during her whole bath, "NOT MY TOE! NOT MY TOE!"

She has a minor runny nose and is up in bed whining for me, so I should probably get ready for a night dedicated to wiping her nose for her since she won't do it herself.

Still, the "Love ya, Babe," makes up for all of this drama. I'm requesting that she say it over and over in the hope it sticks in her mind and she says it in lots of cute situations. Preferably in public.

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