Friday, August 1, 2008

Home Alone

The long weekend is halfway over, and I'm all the way over it. We did have fun at Emma's 2nd birthday today, but the hours following were long, long, long, with no adult conversation in sight. Berit didn't have a nap today (I wrote that like it's strange, but we know the truth), so I couldn't leave the house after "quiet time" because then she'd fall asleep in the car and go to bed at some ridiculously late time. So she went down at 7 p.m. and will surely be up at 6 a.m. 

In completely unrelated Berit news, today she told me, "I'm not a raisin girl, Mom. I'm a Berit Hayes Doublestein." (Note that I did not ask if she was a raisin girl, nor did I offer her raisins before said comment.)

In case you were wondering, here's how my brain is working after two days alone: After Berit went to sleep, I took Marta out to swing for a little while, hoping the cool air might lull her into an early bedtime as well. While I was pondering whether or not Berit could sense the swing moving with someone else in it even while she slept, the birds around my house -- not in just one tree, in all the trees, all around my house -- started flipping out. Screeching, flying in varying directions, lots of wings batting and freaking me out. This lasted for a long, long time, and may very well be going on still, but I'm not opening the doors to check because they're all properly booby trapped in case someone tries to break in while I'm home alone. Anyway, the whole birds thing made me fairly certain there was some sort of wild animal on the loose outside, and I've spent the past few hours thinking about how I would save both girls and possibly the dog if a puma broke down a door or leapt through a window in my house. 

I also concocted a little dessert made from sugar, flour, vanilla, butter, cocoa and peanuts -- essentially brownie mix minus eggs plus peanuts -- and ate it while I watched The Soup and folded mountains of laundry. 

Trevor, on the other hand, slept in until NOON, went on a walking trip on the south side of Chicago hoping to check out Soldier Field and possibly touch the grass upon which his beloved Chicago Bears play. In true Trevor Luck, he stumbled upon Family Day, and got to watch the Bears play, mingle and entertain the crowd while he took pictures from his iPhone and emailed them to me. I'm putting them all in a box marked "Reasons Lisa Gets to Visit a Spa for a Week When She's Not Pregnant or Nursing."

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