Monday, June 15, 2009



  • Playdate this morning with loads of friends.
  • Berit loosened up during said playdate and actually threw balls and was OK with bouncing balls off of her head. She laughed. I tensed, then marveled.
  • Upon his arrival, Marta marched up to Brennan completely unprompted and said, "Hi there, Buddy."
  • Berit rode her big girl bike, even though she's been so nervous about riding it after she fell off months ago. She even got up and down by herself. (Much of this is due to Shelly's calm and encouraging influence.)
  • We went downtown for a walk, and played in the park, and each girl picked out a sweet at Symons, and being away from the house for just a couple minutes like that was the perfect before-dinner distraction.
  • Chocolate-burnt caramel-Hawaiian sea salt bar. M.M.M.M.mmmmmmmm.
  • Marta ate a whole avocado. Again.
  • I signed both Trev and myself up for a local gym.

Not So Good:

  • Mac and cheese for lunch AND dinner.
  • Marta is still awake, crying "Mooooommmy. Maaaa-maaaay. Mow-my. MOMMY."
  • Mosey threw up on the lawn, just as our playdate group walked outside for play on the lawn.
  • Marta threw a tantrum when it was time to leave downtown, and as I tried to pick her up she jerked herself back down and slammed her head onto the sidewalk. In front of an outdoor cafe. At dinnertime.
  • I did not take her to the doctor's after the head slam. Bad?

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