Thursday, June 4, 2009

Major Dilemmas

Situation: Playdate scheduled for today, that's already been rescheduled and discussed over e-mail way too much, which includes a picnic lunch, and which has already been revealed to the preschooler in our midst; also which is with newer friends and is a first playdate. 

At exactly the same time, Marta will need a morning nap, since she woke far too early today and is walking around trying to be mean because she's tired. 

Situation: Going downstate with Trevor with NO KIDS for an OVERNIGHT and the drive is three hours long. Trevor wants to chat and bond, I want to listen to my audiobook. Should I tell him he can sleep and I'll drive? Or should I take a hint from myself and sleep while he drives?


Kimberly Reed said...

or maybe you should chat and bond with your husband :) sometimes it is wise to do the thing we really don't want to do!
I can relate to your feelings Lisa..... but, sometimes it is good to enjoy the time with your husband that would normally be interrupted by children :)
Love you,
p.s. looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night :)

Candace said...

Ditto :o)