Friday, June 26, 2009

The Mystery Of The Wooden Teeth

When Berit's first tooth came in, Trevor and I exclaimed in delight, while privately each thinking, "That kid could really use a cap or whitening, and let's hope her adult teeth are cuter." Because it was a little gray, a bit thin and small, and altogether wooden-like. It was also wiggly. I called her pediatrician who told me it was probably a "bud," something that was under her gums when she was born and that it would fall out and all would be well. Weird, but fine. It fell out, her real tooth popped right up, and all was well.

Marta has been a little slow in the tooth-growing department. At 18 months, she has her four front top teeth and two front bottom teeth. She's still working on three molars, and one has finally reared its mean molar head in the top back of her mouth. And recently we noticed that another tooth, possibly the tooth that goes in front of the molar, was coming in on her bottom left.

As we watched that new non-molar, we noticed that it was funny looking. It was gray. Thin. Small. Wooden-like. It was also surrounded by a big blood blister and had ANOTHER one right behind it, or was possibly big (yet thin) and broken in half. We called Trevor's brother, a dentist, who told us it would probably fall out and all would be well. And it did. First, the back part fell out, then the front part fell out, and now there is no more blister, just a little cut-like spot where we're assuming another tooth is going to grow.

And that is all.

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