Wednesday, June 17, 2009


In my quest to be a passable mother, here are the questions tops on my mind today:

1. How do I enforce a "TV Time-Out"? In other words, the kids have been watching too much TV lately. Yet they only watch it while I get things done, like make meals, clean meals or put Marta to bed. So I'm doing too much without them, without figuring out how to make it all work, without letting them just play. How do I turn off the TV and turn on the fun, and still run the house and make healthy meals?

2. Do I take Berit? I've been thinking for some time about taking Berit on a solo trip to Chicago this fall. I go back and forth, and I'd like to get the details nailed down in July to pounce on deals, but should I even do this? Is she too young, at 3? Would a trip to Dairy Queen be the same for her? As I write this, I think, "yes, obviously this is silly; take her when she's 5, or at least old enough to remember it later." And yet, I can't help but want to introduce her to the spectacle of a Big City, with the museums and aquarium and Navy Pier and the restaurants. She'd love it, but is she too young?


Candace said...

Take her!! She will have great memories for sure (even if she forgets after a period of time--YOU will remember the great times and be able to remind her with all the great pictures and stories of your time together!

Liza said...

You should TOTALLY go! And here is why: They do remember. We've taken Ella and the kids a lot of places and we take tons of pictures, make photo books of our trips and recall all those wonderful, crazy, and less-than-relaxing times. But that would be a perfect trip for you BOTH. It is amazing how much bonding occurs when you get the oppurtunity to be focused on the one rather than the two. Go, enjoy, and let me know if you need any ideas. We've done the trip in the summer and winter. It is SOOOO worth it. Plus, even if she isn't into American Girl Dolls, still take her to the store. Elle didn't believe me that it was a store, she thought it was a museum, and she didn't even have a doll yet. Do the Lincoln park zoo for sure, it's great! Wish Elle and I could meet you there. :)

Kimberly Reed said...

Hi Lisa,
I agree with your friends :) They may not remember in the years to come but, you will and the photos will help retell the wonderful time you had together!
I wish I would have done more one on one things with the girls... but, somehow never had the time.... so, if you have the opportunity GO FOR IT :) Also, go with her mood..... we took Kara with us to Disney when she had just turned 4..... it was one of the best family trips we have ever taken ..... but, when she was done we just went back to the hotel and took a nap or went to the pool :) It was a win win situation and no one got frustrated or grumpy :)
And YES, the American Girl Doll Store is so worth it.... maybe check into going to a tea party there.... If I remember they have different things you can do there! It is a great store.....
Have a great time with Berit.
Hope to see you this weekend :)

Anonymous said...

I'm the lone ranger here, but I don't think it is a good idea. Primarily because a 3 yr. old would be pretty high maintenance on a trip to Chicago. Escpecially as used to a particular schedule as Marta is right now. ie: If she is used to napping at 2:00 and you run late at the museum, it wouldn't be pleasant. also, pictures are nice for memories, but it is so much nicer when they can actually remember the trip - not just from the picture. Please remember I have only raised three children, so I am NOT the expert - just my past experience from my own enthusiasm to want my children to see the world too. Do you remember anything special at the age of 3? If so, then maybe Marta will too, but none of my kids do and neither do I. Plus, you want it to be pleasant for Marta, and if she is "scheduled" now, perhaps you arrange the trip around her schedule so that she won't be cranky. :)

Lisa said...

I'm not sure who you are, anonymous! :) Thanks for your comment. It's actually Berit who I'm thinking of taking, and she doesn't take naps anymore. And she did do well when we traveled to Vail -- she's a trooper for traveling. I don't think the schedule will be a problem for her, it's just the trip as a whole that I'm wondering about. Is it worth the expense? I do remember things at age 3, but not much, and did it matter in the course of my life? Probably not. I'm still thinking about it, but I love the advice from all of you.

Anonymous said...

Lisa: It is me, Jodie who is the "anonymous". I just can't figure out how to leave my name on here - technology challenged!! I am sorry, I thought you were talking about Marta - so sorry. That makes a little difference to me, but I still think you all would enjoy it so much more if she were a wee bit older. But then again, Berit is so so smart, it might just be the ticket!!