Monday, June 8, 2009

Further Evidence That Marta Can Secretly Read

I usually go to the "meat market" when the sitter comes or when I've just got Berit with me, because there are no carts and lots of onions and potatoes right at toddler level, ripe for the picking.

I put "meat market" in quotes because the sign out front says meat MARKET, just like that, with thick lowercase letters on top and thin uppercase letters on the bottom.

And when I pulled up to the market today with just Marta along for the shopping trip, I found a parking spot right in front of the sign. And Marta said, "Meat, Mommy. Meat."

I hadn't told her where we were going, and I definitely didn't say the word "meat," since we were only there to pick up our farm share of vegetables, and therefore I think she can read. 


Andrea said...

I think so, too. Ask her how the butcher introduced his wife.

Lisa said...

How did she know her name was Patti???