Sunday, March 14, 2010

Status: BUZZ

We've had a really, really busy week. Who hasn't? In all of this sunshine, I can't believe we found the inside of our house at all.

In addition to the obvious perfection of our everyday life (ahem), we had an exciting trip to Greenville planned, where we saw Gemini, rode the carousel at the mall in GR and visited Trevor's grandparents. During the week, we received our purchase agreement for the new house (we've been waiting at least a month) and a completed home study for the adoption.

I was so heavily in fantasy land after those two major transitions that my brain was on par with, oh, maybe an insect's. Fly here, eat this, care for young, buzz, fly, etc. I made a thoughtless goof with work (forgivable but so completely brainless) and spent the majority of book club spouting at the mouth about various things that may or may not have been insulting to the Marines (of which I am a sincere supporter, duh), may or may not have made my husband out to be a 16-year-old whose only goal in life is to land that sweet trick in snowboarding (which is not necessarily true), and may or may not have had any relevance to life in general, but certainly applied to my adoption of both home and child.

BUT! Week is over. We move on, and into more sunshine and the promise of an early, warm spring. There are no longer shanties on the water-that-used-to-be-ice in front of the house (the last truck has blessedly pulled away as well) and therefore my chances of having a stress-induced heart attack from simply looking out the window have diminished. My focus is coming back through the forced dissection of our finances for both mortgage and taxes, and I've been charged with the task of finding a suitable weekend getaway spot for my sister, brother-in-law, Trev and me.

This next week will also see our farewell to beloved friends who're moving cross country, a serious look at preschools for Berit (and, eventually, Marta) and hopefully a clearer nose and lungs for our littlest girl, who had a bit of a rough weekend full of fevers and phlegm. This weekend will be the first ever meeting of a special kind of book club, one comprised of high school friends who I've reconnected with over a certain social networking site. Break out the Boone's Farm!

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