Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sick House

I could write that I've not been blogging much lately because of our house plans moving forward. I could. But I've had little to do with that, besides the occasional signing of papers. Hoping to close next week, and then the real fun begins!

I could write that I've been busy doing our taxes. I HAVE been busy compiling our stuff, it being in three different locations while our office is in boxes in the garage. But that's over now.

I could write that I've been spending too much time looking at storage solutions for the playroom and closets. Or trying to envision just what a proper kitchen would look like, since we get to design ours from scratch. I've been doing this a lot, actually.

I should write that I've been nursing the family to health. Trevor has early pneumonia, and both girls are getting over a very, very terrible cold that has left them both with horrendous double ear infections. Aside from Marta's screaming at 4 a.m. and not stopping until we reached the doctor's at 10:30 a.m. and felt it was time to put on a Cute and Smart Show, I could actually SMELL her ears. Uh-huh. At the office this morning, with Berit, the doc said: "If I were going to rate her double ear infection on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst I've ever seen, I'd put it at a 9." He also said: "If you told me she'd spent the past two nights screaming all night, and if I walked in here and she were curled up on that chair sobbing, I would not have been surprised at what I just saw in her ears. I don't know how she's as happy as she is right now, with what's going on in there."

But the truth is, while yes I've been helping them along, I haven't had to do a whole lot of care-taking. More just coming up with stuff to do while B's been out of school. They've been pretty good sports.

I don't quite know what I've been doing. No car boys have exploded in days. I haven't actually been test driving the minivans that I've been e-mailing about with various car dealerships from here to Detroit, though I have spent a few hours worrying and trying to mentally change the whole Toyota recall mess, since we'd really like to buy a Sienna but what about those recalls? What about that whole "over the next year we'll be hiring people who can actually perform their quality control jobs."???????

I suppose no news is good news, right? Sunshine, sidewalk chalk, scooters. Long walks. Forced fresh air for the whole family, even in the cold (whoops -- I didn't realize they were as sick as they are). Make-believe and books. Ghiradelli chocolate chips mixed in Maranatha peanut butter. Early bedtimes.

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Liza said...

Hope everyone is well soon!