Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Birthday Party

We had gathered about 15 of Berit's friends for another party at the gymnastics center in town. The kids have such a blast there, and it's great for the parents, too, because we all get to alternately hang out with each other and play really fun stuff with the kids. Berit really, really loved her birthday party this year. The kids are all at an age where they know each other well and interact rather than play side-by-side. Everyone has a little sibling now, too, and the big kids all help the littles along. At one point I noticed that very few faces had changed over the past few years of birthdays at the center, and the ones who have been added seem like they've been part of our family forever. We are lucky indeed to have such a strong extended family, and such a wonderful group of friends.

"I wish I could be a fairy forever."

Not long ago I took the girls to the mall, and Berit combed rack after rack looking for the perfect birthday outfit. This is what she chose (the shirt underneath even has a unicorn on it).


Kimberly Reed said...

Looks like so much fun :)

Liza said...

LOVE IT! How sweet is she! I can't believe how big the girls are getting. We should try to connect the next time you are down state! They could play dress up princesses!