Saturday, March 6, 2010

Berit's Birthday, Age 4

On her fourth birthday, Berit woke up before Marta, which is uncharacteristic especially since she had forgotten it was her birthday. Trevor and I snuck into her room singing "Happy Birthday" and she was pure smiles and bad breath. We had filled her room with 30 balloons and she was so excited when she saw them all over her floor! She came down and immediately got to work opening the gifts we had gotten her: Cinderella nightgown, princess backpack, I Spy princess book, princess activity books, princess headband, two princess puzzles and this necklace, her favorite of our gifts, with a ballet costume on it.

I went to school with her, where she made her birthday crown and wore her special birthday outfit.

We brought snack to school, which she chose about two weeks in advance: tomatoes, grapes and bumble bee-shaped peanut butter balls.

After school (and several outfit changes later) we had a small party with Trevor's parents. Berit had asked for pizza with pineapples on it for dinner. Here she is cracking open her gift from her Uncle Jason, Aunt Steph and cousins Annie and Jemma.


Here's the Cinderella nightgown from us. It practically touches the floor; very princess-like.

Trevor's parents, "Mimi" and "Gramps."

Of course she's only wearing underpants here. It wouldn't be a holiday if she wasn't. (See also: Trevor's lifetime holiday photo documentation.)
She had requested mint chocolate cupcakes with white mint frosting.

AUNT ANDREA and UNCLE NICK came on the Friday night after her birthday and Berit woke them up on Saturday morning. Truly, the happiest she ever is is when she's with them.

Grandma and Pop arrive! We barely noticed. :)

Gift from Uncle David, who was rushing a fraternity and couldn't make the big birthday party weekend.
This toy is Mermaid Barbie, otherwise known as The Only Toy She Will Care About From This Moment On.

Uncle David sent Marta a Dora toy, and it is also The Only Toy in Existence That Ever Really Mattered.

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