Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Of Late

Sporting a torso of Easter stickers that came out of the package from Aunt Steph and Uncle Jason and onto the belly. Like, obviously.

The Polly Pocket also included in the Easter package, who is comfortably nested in Berit's bed for the night because "she's new here and she might get lonely."

"What couch? THIS couch? Oh, we're not supposed to stand on THIS couch? Can I jump on it? No jumping? On THIS couch? Can I jump on my knees? HERE? HERE? Can I slam onto my bottom? How about if I do it and laugh? How about with my hands in the air?"

"YAY for Sharkies!"

Monkey See, Monkey Do

She knows she's hilarious.

On our way to Maggie's birthday party.

Puzzling together. They actually help each other, then high-five at the end.

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