Tuesday, January 26, 2010

UPDATED: When It Rains It Pours {Alternatively Titled: Down To Three Hours of Sleep For All The Imagining}

If you can't tear yourself away from my updates on the Petoskey real estate market and how it affects my family daily, you're really going to love this. We now have options:


We're waiting on homeowners to tell us a thing or two about A and B. Once they do, we will move as fast as humanly possible to make an offer on either. They both need lots of work, but it's work we're willing to do.

We're also waiting for something, we don't know what, to move C into availability, and we hear it might be just around the corner. If C comes around, we have no doubt, and there's no work.

D seems nice and might be perfect, but is about two blocks outside of where we want to be.

E and F are two houses that are being sold under our price range, and we could live in one and rent the other. Might be a smart option. In an OK location. We haven't been inside yet.

G is probably nothing, but we're going in anyway, just in case.

But here's the biggest question: Once we do buy a house, should we name it the letter I've assigned it here? Or should we name it Can You Even Believe We Almost Bought The Yellow House And Missed This One?

UPDATE: A and C are out. Boo.

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Kimberly Reed said...

You should name it "HOME" :)