Friday, January 22, 2010

Moving On

Now that the yellow house mess is over, I thought I should hop on and officially note that we are moving on, and happy to do so. We're finding that we're relieved to just have something answered, be progressing somehow and not waiting for this. We feel like we're waiting for lots of things -- houses to come on the market, people to get back with us, our own closing -- and this one is done. So we're positive, and we're sleepless wondering which house we might like, which one we might obsess over next, when the Right One will appear, which is all good stuff.

I just didn't want my most recent post to be so needy and negative. :)

It's also Trevor's birthday today, and we spent the day doing a scavenger hunt for his gifts downtown (gotta love a small town that gets into a joke-telling, gift-finding party) and... talking about houses. His parents took the girls all day, and we imagined and dreamed and then ate and drank and walked and shopped. And it was so fun to hear which people were shocked that he's 32 (average guess = 27) and which people were shocked that he's only 32. Interestingly, the people we tend to hang out with and love being around most were those who thought he was older. So the lesson, boys and girls, is to act older than your age. Or, grow a gnarly beard for your "Guys' Cabin Weekend" and look like you're fresh out of the mountains on your way to the processing center to pick up your jerky. Wives love that.

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