Monday, January 18, 2010


Marta has recently put her own spin on the English language, pronouncing words in new and goofy ways. For example, when she says "Thanks," it sounds more like "Thuyanks." When she says the letter R, she says it a little newscaster-ish, rolling it and making it both hard and round. "IRRRRR," sort of. Hence, Berit is "BeaRRRR-it," and so on.

Lately she's been coming up to me and hugging me, saying, "Mom, you're RRRRRRReally it. RRRReally it, Mom, RRRRReally."

So not only am I flattered to be "it," there's something extraordinary about being RRRRRRRRRReally it.

UPDATE: Whenever we cuddle her or help her with something today, she hugs us and says, "Mom, you're really IT." She even gave Berit this distinction for helping her with a puzzle. I think this is a phrase that we're going to have to keep around for awhile.

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Liza said...

I LOVE it! Elle did the same sort of "experimentation" with language at the beginning of school. She was going for a french accent a la Fancy Nancy and it came out more like a pirate. Hmmm, glad that ignoring seemed to help it be a quick phase!