Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summing It Up

Dora. Cloth diapers. Preschool.
Two dogs (one is only half ours).
Marketing ideas for Doublestein Builders.
Cleaning. Cleaning. Cleaning.
Wanting to run out and buy Gabaldon's newest but knowing there's no time to devote to it right now.
Buying kiwis, peaches, bananas, pears, carrots, milk, eggs. Constantly.
Reading Sandra Boynton to Marta, and my brother's old books to Berit.
Organizing basement. Drooling over organizational systems.
Pulling back Marta's growing hair. Again. Again. Again.
Cooking, washing dishes, cooking, washing dishes.
Seriously, how many times can I clean the house?
Writing little pieces. Writing a big project.
Researching. Making lists. Wishing there was more time with my project, wishing there was more time with the kids, thankful that I have both to keep me busy.
Thinking about the holidays. Planning a halloween party.
Clearing out summer clothes. Getting summer clothes back out. Putting them away again.
Feeling grateful.

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