Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Regarding The House

To catch you up:
Sunday - Our house is one of eight a couple sees as they plan a possible move to Petoskey.

Monday - They request to see our house again.

Monday afternoon - The wife sees the three houses, and, according to our Realtor, chooses our house.

Wednesday - Realtor calls and tells us to plan on final word next week. Reminds us that our house is "The House."

Wednesday - Realtor's assistant calls us to set up showing with new couple tomorrow.

Status updates:
Trevor - Restless, randomly mad at different people involved for no good reason.

Me - Thinks Trevor is going to jinx us. Nesting furiously; baking pies, organizing refrigerator, freezer, cabinets. Baking hearty foods. Alternately settling firmly into house and whoops, spilling kids' paint on wood (it came out), and thinking of our long day tomorrow and all the driving it will require just to get to area attractions (dance class, library, dinner, etc.) and feeling ready for change. Itchy to research rental homes so we don't get stuck in a dive.

Berit - Messing with my mind by sobbing, "I love our house; I don't want to go to a different house," after I explained to her that we needed to clean up because people were coming to see if they wanted to live in our house. Hey, bonus, we could go to a different house by the library, school, and friends!

Marta - Sick. As. Dog. (Also, wants to be dog, but that is her typical state of being.) Not eating, barely sleeping.

Mosey - Seems to be extra hound-y, surely because we have another showing tomorrow, therefore requiring me to wash the carpets as often as I vacuum them.

And if you're still with me here at the end of all of this rambling, thank you for wondering and for being excited with us.

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