Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hum Drum Happiness

It is a remarkably gorgeous day. I have all the windows open, and even the front door is swung wide to let all of the late summer/early fall bugs in with the fresh air. We're looking forward to a barbecue with the Darts this evening, and El and I are going to set up a garage sale for tomorrow, Labor Day Monday. I eschewed the boys' need for fancy beer and instead bought Irish red for Irish Ellen, and Layer Cake wine for the adults' dessert while the kids have ice cream cones.

The DALMAC bikers have been riding through town all weekend with their orange flags, making me wish I was enough of a happy camper to sign up for next year's 300+ mile journey from East Lansing to the bridge. Can't imagine not having our Tempurpedic after riding all weekend.

... We've just gotten back from downtown. Trevor had an unexpected meeting with a client spring up, so the girls and I went to the Grain Train to get trail mix ingredients. We parked by Ace and walked there. Berit was dressed in one of her princess costumes, as usual, and while I don't even notice that she's in full princess mode (with crown to boot), passersby sure do. Whenever someone compliments her, she CURTSIES. Adorable.

We came home with chunky monkey cookies and trail mix supplies, and Marta helped me dump everything into a big pot and stir it up. They're both currently in their cozy chairs watching Max & Ruby with cups full of trail mix. Marta has already dumped hers twice.

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